About Us

“Chatka,” derived from one of many Sanskrit dialects, means “Burn” and truly encompasses our mission.  Our goal with every client is simple, yet strategic.  By providing a comprehensive plan, we are able to leverage current marketing channels in a synergistic manner.  This harmonious approach takes advantage of the right opportunities at the right time and, in turn, creates the perfect storm for our clients’ goals.

Chatka Interactive’s founder, Farukh Shroff, is a true pioneer in this industry.  He brings several years of both online and offline advertising experience to the table.  He has worked with small mom-and-pop businesses and large global household brands, such as Amazon.com, Bidz.com, DKNY.com, Everlast.com, Frigidaire.com, University of Pennsylvania, and many more.  This experience, dedication and passion coupled with utilizing cutting edge technologies allow us to create the perfect and extensive marketing plan to fit your business’ needs.

Would you like to ignite the hidden elements within your marketing strategy and burn your competition away?  Contact Chaka Interactive today for a complimentary analysis and free quote!