Affiliate Management

In this economic climate, companies need to find innovative and successful, yet inexpensive, ways to promote their business. Affiliate management fits each of these criteria.  Affiliate management is all about forming strategic relationships. Our executive team has extensive experience working in this industry. We can certainly help you take your program to the next level!

Affiliate Marketing

Why Affiliate Management?
When executed correctly, affiliate marketing creates revenue and promotes your business across multiple websites. Chatka Interactive offers high-end programs, matching your company with publishing affiliates who only get paid when a specific action, like a lead or sale, is performed. This is one of those times a middleman is a big help. We create mutually beneficial relationships—helping you skip the awkward introductions and grey areas. Let us bring you together.

With a ‘pay per performance’ platform and the creation of an unofficial sales force, the potential to generate success and heighten brand awareness through affiliate marketing is tremendous. At Chatka Interactive, we develop and provide clients with a tailored affiliate program. Our staff strives to achieve tremendous returns on minimal advertising investments.

We’ve worked with affiliate management for many years so we already have well established relationships our clients can benefit from. By working directly with these networks, we can identify potential affiliates and connect advertisers with publishers who have mutual goals.

We can manage your program completely and daily, offering direct consultations and page recommendations for advertisers. Our team can also act as design aids—designing banners and creating landing pages for your campaign.

Once affiliations are created, we take responsibility for our introductions and will continue to manage and monitor established relationships. Our team also specializes in recruitment, activation, registrations and numerous retention strategies, guiding you to optimal returns.

If you want to increase sales or drive leads, our dedicated and accomplished affiliate managers will be the catalysts to your success.