Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Are you currently, or do you plan on spending more than $25,000 per month on Pay Per Click advertising? Do you want to get your money’s worth? Contact Chatka Interactive, a leading PPC agency, to see how we can truly transform your marketing strategy. Every click should help take your business to the next level and every dollar should help increase your return.

Businesses have highs and lows but that doesn’t mean we should settle for mediocrity. Your business is successful but maybe you feel you’ve reached a plateau. Chatka Interactive has the edge you’re seeking. We have the right PPC services to get your business back on the incline.

We’re proud to be one of the few PPC agencies earning the Google Adwords Qualified Company Status. There are many requirements to qualify for this prestigious status, including managing $100,000 within a 90 day period and maintaining it beyond this period. How is this relevant to your company? When you choose Chatka Interactive for PPC services, you choose a strong and recognized team.

Adwords Qualified Company


Why PPC?
PPC has come a long way since Google first introduced AdWords in 2000. Now, advertisers have a variety of ways to leverage the nuances within PPC advertising platforms. It can be a time consuming and very frustrating process with advanced options like geo-targeting, day parting, demographic targeting, display advertising, mobile targeting and many others.

Chatka Interactive is a knowledgeable PPC agency that provides solutions. We create, manage and optimize your PPC campaign, which is only one component of an overall, integrated marketing initiative. Our experts test for marketing effectiveness and closely manage campaigns by focusing on the core aspects of monitoring, analyzing and refinement. We develop strategies and implement superior tactics to optimize your campaign by using PPC platforms like Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN AdCenter to your advantage.

Chatka’s PPC services have a strong foundation made of up-to-the-minute industry knowledge, years of experience, a hands-on approach to campaign management and earnest customer service. Our dedicated Google AdWords specialists will concentrate on maximizing your return, not your spending, with dynamic think tanks and one-on-one consultations. We focus on your return on investment (ROI) and continually monitor strategies to maximize your brand awareness as your services or products evolve.

PPC is a critical part of your marketing campaign. It’s a highly competitive and ambitious field, so why not use the best PPC agency to steer your business onwards and upwards? Chatka Interactive provides the right team that understands which platform is most effective for your products, services and industry.

Our goal is to help take the stress off of you. You’re managing a thriving business but you can’t do it all. You don’t need to learn to juggle, unless you’re looking for a career change. You need to find the right PPC agency to get the work done, done right, for you. And that’s the key. We’re working for you.

There isn’t a problem we can’t solve or a campaign we can’t improve. What more could you ask for when considering the right management? Our team will draw the best out of your business and optimize your returns.

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