Why Chatka Interactive?

Why is working with Chatka Interactive your best bet?  First of all, we’re not your typical advertising agency.  Our main priority is you, the client, so we only accept a limited number of clients each year.  At Chatka, we set performance goals supported by a results oriented approach.  Think quality over quantity.  We consistently achieve impressive results with this personal approach.

By working with us, you’ll receive the best service possible from a team of specialists.  We utilize skills acquired from the cutting edge of the advertising world and are always on top of the latest methods to reach the public. Plus, each project gains personal attention from Farukh Shroff, founder and President of Chatka Interactive.

Shroff is considered a true pioneer in this industry and is supported by several years of both online and offline advertising experience.  He has worked with small mom-and-pop businesses and large global household brands such as Amazon.com, Bidz.com, DKNY.com, Everlast.com, Frigidaire.com, University of Pennsylvania, and many more.

Our experience, dedication and passion coupled with utilizing cutting edge technologies allow us to create the perfect and extensive marketing plan to fit your business’ needs. And we’re able to do this because of our years of strong experience in the online world.